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Build Ear Training Habits with the Power of Less Challenge

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Ear training is most effective when you develop the habit of doing it every day. You don’t need to spend hours at it, but a few minutes spent every single day will really help you to make great progress.

In fact, I’d go as far as saying that successful ear training really depends most on one critical factor. Daily practice.

Develop a good daily practice habit and you’ll develop a good musical ear. Fail at this and your ear training will take much longer and will be much harder.

So, if a daily ear training habit is a key to success, how do you develop that habit? Well here is one very good way that has been proven by many thousands of people as well as scientific research too.

This effective method you can use to develop any habit is well explained by Leo Babauta, creator of the Zen Habits blog, one of the most read on the Internet. Leo doesn’t play music as far as I know but he does know a thing or two about developing good habits.

To help others do the same Leo has developed what he calls the Power of Less Challenge. The challenge helps you to develop any habit you want. I could explain the Power of Less Challenge to you, but Tim Ferris has already done a great job of this in his review.

You can read his article to learn more or simply get yourself a copy of Leo’s Power of Less book. I’m sure you won’t regret it, it is sure to help you with more than just ear training.

The method described might look deceptively simple. But that is exactly where its power lies, you will find it much easier to develop habits that stick by following the advice in the book. If you’re struggling to develop or maintain a regular ear training habit, why not give it a try?

How do you ensure your daily dose of ear training? I’d love to hear how you developed or keep up a daily practice habit. I’m especially interested in hearing how you apply the Power of Less Challenge to your ear training and how it benefits you.

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Ear Training - 5 Reasons Why You Should Do It

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Ear training should be an essential part of any musicians practice routine. But many guitar learners neglect this important skill.

It takes time to master and it can be frustratingly hard when you start. Your lack of success makes it easy to give up, thinking it is impossible, or only for a gifted few.

But it is possible for anyone to do if you work at ear training. Here are five reasons to encourage you to develop your musical ear.

Break Out Of Boxes

Many guitar players learn to play in boxes, those fretboard patterns of notes to play. At first it is much easier and quicker to learn than taking the time to master the sounds behind them.

But in the longer term it leads to frustration and limitations, leading to all those “How to break out of ____ boxes” lessons.

The best way to break out of playing in boxes is to train your ears to recognize the language of music. Instead of thinking in terms of patterns and boxes on your fretboard you think in music.

With this ability you can play the sounds you hear, and the sounds you imagine, directly on your instrument. You are no longer confined to mechanical box patterns.

Jam With Other Musicians

If you want to play with other musicians a good musical ear is essential. If you are unable to recognize chords and progressions by ear you are limited to playing only songs you’ve memorized in advance.

When you turn up to a jam session or rehearsal where songs you don’t know are played then you’re faced with the embarrassment of being unable to play.

Ear training will give you the ability to understand any song you hear. So you can join in and jam with any band, even if you don’t know the songs beforehand.

Learn Songs More Easily

The same ear skills will also help you to learn and remember songs more easily.

Ear training will help you learn songs just by listening to them. No more time spent searching for tab or song books.

You’ll also remember songs you learn by ear more easily. Instead of memorizing series of chord letters you’ll have the song’s sound in your head. You can simply play it back in your head and know what to play any time you want.

Improvise Solos

Improvisation is one of the most fun parts of playing guitar. Ear training improves your ability to solo and jam and react to other players spontaneously to create moving music.

Open Your Horizons

A musical ear opens up your musical horizons. You are no longer limited to studying the most popular guitarists who are tabbed in music books.

You are free to listen to musicians on any instrument, understand what they play and transcribe their music to your guitar.

Increase Confidence

Learning to hear and understand music is also a great way to boost your confidence as a guitar player. You’ll feel like a real musician when understand what you hear and can play something that fits it.

There you have six good reasons to start ear training today. Don’t wait until later to develop your musical ear, it will help you enormously as you learn to play guitar.

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